Janice Eidus
Janice Eidus

“Eidus continues to be … one of the freshest and most idiosyncratic voices from the fiction frontier.”
The San Francisco Chronicle


I’m your “Go-To-Guru” for all things writing. I’m passionate about igniting, guiding, and refining the creativity of writers at all stages of their journeys. In addition to my own writing, I’m a writing teacher, freelance developmental editor, and writing coach/mentor. I work with seasoned writers who have published widely, as well as with brand-new writers just beginning their literary adventure. I work with all genres, including literary fiction, speculative fiction, mysteries, memoir, essays, creative nonfiction, and more.


I’ve taught all over the world in universities and arts organizations such as Carlow University; The Parsons School of Design; The Writers Voice of NYC; The University of New Orleans Writing Program in Madrid; The San Miguel Writers Conference in Mexico; and The Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera, Italy.

I now offer my popular Zoom, one-day, open-genre CUPPA TEA WRITING WORKSHOPS throughout the year. These one-day events are a fusion of inspiration and innovation; each themed workshop explores captivating topics such as female friendship; the five senses; place; food; and the body.

We focus on the new writing you’ll generate during CUPPA WORKSHOPS, inspired by stimulating prompts designed to spark your imagination. (My CUPPA students call me “The Queen of Writing Prompts!”)

CUPPA is an inclusive space where writers of all levels can flourish, experiment, and grow in a supportive and vibrant community.

You’re free to write fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, hybrid genres, and anything else you’d like to try during our supportive, safe, non-judgmental, and lively CUPPA workshops.


As a coach and mentor, I’m your dedicated ally every step of the way, whether you’re just starting your literary journey or are widely published. From brainstorming sessions to customized homework assignments, I’m committed to helping you realize your full potential. We’ll collaborate on strategies to boost your motivation, enhance discipline, and pave the way to achieving your goals. I’ll help you craft query letters, synopses, proposals, and also to research agents and publishers. While I can’t guarantee publication, together we will take joy in your evolution and empowerment as a writer.


I’ll help you unlock the full potential of your manuscript with my comprehensive developmental editing services. As your editor, I’ll delve deep into your work, offering insights to refine your artistry and amplify your voice. Whether your project is still in the idea or early draft stage or nearing completion, I’ll provide constructive feedback on narrative structure, character development, pacing, and more. Expect thought-provoking questions that illuminate the heart of your story, alongside meticulous line editing and copyediting to polish your prose. While I won’t revise your work for you, I’m here to guide you through the revision process. I will offer assistance with query letters, pitches, and navigating the publishing landscape, although securing an agent or publisher remains your responsibility. Together, we will embark on a collaboration that can elevate your writing to new heights.

“Learn to balance your intuitive self with your analytical self. This will lead you to the ‘beating heart’ that resides within your writing.”
—Janice Eidus


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