Faithful Rebecca

Faithful Rebecca will not easily be forgotten. In this wildly erotic, magical and comic novel of fast-paced suspense, Rebecca, a modern day Scarlett O’Hara from New York City, embarks on an impassioned search for hr infant daughter, Lily, and Lily’s kidnapper. Her quest leads to a mountaintop community of women emulating mythical Amazon warriors where Rebecca is reunited with both Lily, being raised as an Amazon, and Sagana, formerly Rebecca’s devoted best friend and now the passionate, fierce, and beautiful Amazon queen. She also meets the equally memorable Howard Geller, a wisecracking, romantic, runaway teenager living on the fringe of the community. After a mysterious mountain, these characters’ stories merge in an exciting climax on Manhattan’s lower east side. This many-leveled contemporary fable incorporates such motifs as personal ads and female bodybuilding, while asking difficult questions about women’s roles as friends, lovers, mothers, and daughters.


“This is a wonderful novel, filled with humor, mysticism and wit. Janice Eidus takes us on an extraordinary trip into her specialized universe, and I can’t imagine a reader who wouldn’t be a willing traveller. Faithful Rebecca is a delight.”
—Meg Wolitzer

“Janice Eidus’ fiction puts a fine comic spin on her material. Her young women, and their men, inhabit a downward-mobile urban reality that pleasingly verges upon the fantastic, and now and then crosses that verge.”
—John Barth

“Janice Eidus’ uncanny fiction rings with broad humor, intelligence, and heart. Also—what is rarest these days—it is truly idiosyncratic. I can’t think of another writer who takes so many risks, and gets so much out of them. She is an original.”
—David Leavitt


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