Janice Eidus
Janice Eidus
“Eidus has a spirited voice and a sly affection for her characters.”
New York Newsday


“My Love Affair with Hotel Bars”
Purple Clover, April 2018
In those intimate lounges, in the presence of strangers from all over the globe, I felt truly myself.
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“The Zen Of Female Friendships: Why Some Last, Others Don’t”
NextTribe, January 2018
Some friendships last through thick and thin, sickness and health, trauma and heartache, while others don’t make it past the first bump in the road.
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“The Day I Was Free-Fallin’ With Tom Petty”
Purple Clover, October 2017
I was overcome with pure lust and desire when the legendary rock star smiled at me in Tower Records.
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“Yes I Will Wear Leopard Print”: A Fashion Manifesto
Next Tribe, October 2017
I’ll never change my spots—or my style.
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“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Name”
Purple Clover, September 2017
Our names affect how people perceive us and how we perceive ourselves, and that’s just fine with me.
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“How Transgender Performer Justin Vivian Bond Helped Me As A Parent”
SheKnows.com, March 2017
The popular, edgy transgender raconteur/social activist, Justin Vivian Bond, has had a big impact on my transracially adopted daughter (and on me).
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“I Want To Be a Golden Girl”
Purple Clover, April 2016
My 13-year-old daughter and I want to be Golden Girls.
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“How One Woman Copes With Insomnia”
Next Avenue, April 2016
In the wee hours, I share insomnia remedies on social media with sleepless strangers.
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“Mom’s Last Words”
Purple Clover, February 2016
There hadn’t been many thank-you’s between my mother and me, but when the chips were down, we were by each other’s side.
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“Janice Eidus Writes about My Sibling/Myself”
Carolineleavittville, June 2011
Through the process of writing, I struggle to understand and repair my complicated relationship with my late sister.
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“The Wanderer”
The New York Times, November 2007
I’m a lifelong wanderer who keeps hoping that my next move will finally lead me home.
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“While writing, I engage in a timeless dialogue with the voices of writers past, present, and yet to come. Each sentence I write is an homage to those who paved the way, and a nod and invitation to those who will follow.”
—Janice Eidus

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