Janice Eidus
Janice Eidus

“A writer with a distinctive voice and an original worldview.”


I’m forever inspired by the fascinating intersection between Real Life and The Imagination. Love, hope, longing, and the quest for self-discovery are among my recurring themes, often exploring the lives of women on the brink of profound revelation.

My novels include Faithful Rebecca, Urban Bliss, The War of the Rosens, and The Last Jewish Virgin. My short story collections include Vito Loves Geraldine and The Celibacy Club. I’m co-editor of the anthology It’s Only Rock and Roll: an Anthology of Rock and Roll Short Stories.

As a personal essayist—a teller of timeless true tales—I write as honestly, authentically, and courageously as I can. I write about my tumultuous Bronx childhood in a colorful Jewish family; my journey as the adoptive mother of a daughter from Guatemala; the quirky world of popular culture; the deep bonds of female friendship; and much more.

My fiction and essays appear in over 50 anthologies, including Idol Talk: Women Writers and the Teenage Infatuations that Changed their Lives; How does that make You feel? True Confessions from Both Sides of the Therapy Couch; Desire: Women Writing about Wanting; The Oxford Book of Jewish Stories; Common Boundary: An Anthology About Immigration and International Adoption; From Sea to Stormy Sea: 17 Stories Inspired by Great American Paintings. My writing also appears in such leading magazines and newspapers as The New York Times; Chautauqua Review; Village Voice; Next Tribe; The Forward; and Lilith.

“Listen to your voice. Listen to the voices of others. Never forget to cherish your unique creative path.”
—Janice Eidus


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