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My essays appear regularly in the wonderful magazine, PurpleClover.
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Some of my favorites are:

Janice Eidus

"Is That Your Real Daughter?"
Purple Clover, November 2014
My multiracial family has endured many comments that we don’t like and never will, but we’ve learned to tolerate them.
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"Therapy Goes On"
Purple Clover, December 2014
I’m addicted to my therapist’s couch—for all the right reasons.
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"Mom's Last Words"
Purple Clover, February 2016
There hadn’t been many thank-you’s between my mother and me, but when the chips were down, we were by each other’s side.
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Janice Eidus

"Restaurants I've Loved and Lost"
Purple Clover, June 2016
Each precious, long-gone restaurant reminds me of who I once was and how I’ve become the woman I am today.
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"My Guru, My Best Friend"
Purple Clover, January 2016
A part of me was in chronic mourning over the loss of Sarah, my best friend.
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"How Poetry Saved My Life"
Purple Clover, November 2015
Any time I’ve craved comfort and beauty, poetry has provided both.
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Take a look at some of my other essays

"The Wanderer"
The New York Times, November 2007
I’m a lifelong wanderer who keeps hoping that my next move will finally lead me home.
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"How One Woman Copes With Insomnia"
Next Avenue, April 2016
In the wee hours, I share insomnia remedies on social media with sleepless strangers.
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Janice Eidus

"Gringa Guilt and Housework"
Lilith, Summer 2009
Being the adoptive mother of a daughter from Guatemala dramatically changes my relationship to keeping house.
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"Janice Eidus Writes about My Sibling/Myself"
Carolineleavittville, June 2011
Through the process of writing, I struggle to understand and repair my complicated relationship with my late sister.
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"My Mother/My Writing: Turning Childhood Memories Into Fiction"
Mother U, April 2011
I explore the complexities of the mother/daughter bond.
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